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Greeting from our Chairman - Dr. Rajendra Yadav - LL.D.

Thousands of years before modern medicine provided scientific evidence for the mind-body connection, the sages of India developed Ayurveda, which continues to be one of the world’s most sophisticated and powerful mind-body health systems. More than a mere system of treating illness, Ayurveda is a science of life (Ayur = life, Veda = science or knowledge). It offers a body of wisdom designed to help people stay vibrant and healthy while realizing their full human potential.

The two main guiding principles of Ayurveda are 1.) the mind and the body are inextricably connected, and 2.) nothing has more power to heal and transform the body than the mind. Freedom from illness depends upon expanding our own awareness, bringing it into balance, and then extending that balance to the body. This process isn’t as complicated as it may sound. For example, when you meditate you effortlessly enter a state of expanded awareness and inner quiet that refreshes the mind and restores balance. Since the mind and body are inseparable, the body is naturally balanced through the practice of meditation. In the state of restful awareness created through meditation, your heart rate and breath slow, your body decreases the production of “stress” hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline, and you increase the production of neurotransmitters that enhance wellbeing, including serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, and endorphins.

The aim of this institute is to prepare professionally competent and qualified ayurvedic doctors to be at the forefront of new advancements in the field of health care, administrative field and research. The institute emphasizes on all round development of the students to make them well cultured and civilized human beings of the society.

Shree Ram Ayurvedic Medical College was established in 2015 under the aegis of the Chitragupt Social Welfare & Educational Society that has been contributing tremendously to meet the indispensable need of the most efficient Caregivers & Attendants in the present era of global medicalisation. The institute aims at grooming budding young interns by equipping them with required knowledge and talent for their all round development.

Besides studies, the students are exposed to a strenuous , year round series of various development exercise to develop and expand their medical competency to pursue the desired goals in order to develop their potential as future doctors. Faculty members represent blend of high credentials and substantial experience to enrich the process of learning.

With the passage of time , SRAMC will reach the pinnacle of glory by producing highly talented world class docter and attendants to overcome the turbulent milieu of mind- boggling, tempestuous times possessing sterling values of life such as honesty, truth, perseverance, persistence, commitment and self abnegation. They will thereby ignite their latent spake of creativity with a perfect blend of professional expertise and human values to meet the medical needs of society where social justice and equality would reign supreme.

It is anticipated that SRAMC will strive to establish its exuberance particularly in the field of academics by retaining the kernel ingredients and dominance of Aryan culture, civilization and its heritage to be more useful and more profitable to Indian society and produce ideal citizens for our country in future. I am sure that the entrants in different streams at SRAMC will find professional talent in abundance to be able to face the competitive world with poise of confidence, converting their dreams into reality.

With best wishes

Dr. Rajendra Yadav

LL.D. Chairman

"Attain success by Sincerity, Dedication, Hard work, Discipline."

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